Locals Only Artist Of The Month: Variations

December 5, 2019
Seattle Local Band, Variations


Every Sunday before Locals Only I do a deep dive into the Locals Only email (localsonly@1077theend.com) to check out the new music that has been sent over. Some of it makes it on the show, some of it doesn't. Every now and then I hit play and something completely exceptional comes out. That's exactly what happened when I recently got an email from Seattle band, Variations

Early this year Variations released their Make This Last EP and I'm ashamed I didn't find it until just recently. It's so good. That's why they are our Locals Only Artist Of The Month for December. You'll be hearing their song "Reconnect" all month long on The End.

Learn more about Variations below:

Variations is a 3-piece Alt/Indie/Rock band formed in Seattle, Washington. The band's members are Benjamin Todd (vocals, guitar), Chad Fox (Bass,Vocals), and Ricky Penalba (Drums). Variations formed in 2013 when Ben, Chad, and Ricky decided to record an album as a project. Ricky and Chad were still playing together in their band Keaton Collective and Ben's band Fight For Change had recently ended. After recording the album "What You've Been Running From" they decided to continue on as a band. Having similar musical backgrounds and tastes they have continued to release two more EP's, "Hats" and the most current "Make This Last" as well as working on another full length in 2020.