Locals Only does Bumbershoot

August 31, 2018

Bumbershoot starts today and the lineup is pretty wild. Huge names in hiphop like Lil Wayne, Ludacris or J. Cole. Massive alternative favorites such as Bishop Briggs and Portugal. The Man. I am certain that my social feed is going to be packed with grainy videos of SZA blowing minds. I don't actually know who The Chainsmokers are or what they do/soundlike, so I can't really speak on that. I do know that apparently the powers that be over at Bumbershoot think very highly of them.

While the big print names at the top of the poster are always the draw, there is some Locals Only gold in this Bumbershoot lineup that you shouldn't lose track of. Obviously you are required to see Fleet Foxes when they play on the Main Stage on Sunday, but what about the rising stars?

Here are some of the can't miss performers out of the greater Seattle area:

Noah Gundersen - Friday @ 7:40pm - Mural Amphitheare Stage

Skating Polly - Saturday @ 3:40pm - Mural Amphitheare Stage

Travis Thompson - Saturday @ 4:30pm - Mural Amphitheare Stage