Locals Only Guide To Upstream Music Fest

June 1, 2018

This weekend marks the 2nd annual Upstream Music Fest + Summit. Just like last year, this thing is completely massive. As the host of Locals Only, I like to think I know a few things about the local music community, but trying to digest this lineup is, in a word, intimidating.

In an effort to help you decide how to spend your time at Upstream, I selected five different local artists you should check this weekend. This task was exactly as hard as I expected it to be. If you decide to blaze your own path, you can't really miss out.

The only thing I know for sure is that on Sunday night, (as soon as you finish listening to Locals Only at 10pm) we all need to get over to Axis 2 at 10:15pm to see Kung Foo Grip. I have seen these guys live a number of times and it's always a party. Not to mention their new album K.2.F.G. is amazing. So if you do anything different than that then you are wrong. Unless you decide to go rock with All Star Opera. That would also be very good. 

Alright, I can't handle all of this back and forth. The FOMO is too strong. Just check these suggestions and feel free to tell me who I missed. Unless you want to tell me about your band. Don't do that. It's tacky.


5:00pm - Tacocat @ The Sound Lot: Amazon Music Main Stage

8:15pm - Great Grandpa @ Visit Seattle Stage at Axis 1

9:15pm - Star Meets Sea @ Miller Lite Stage at Central Saloon

10:00pm - Special Explosion @ Axis 2

11:45pm - Giants In The Trees @ Miller Lite Stage at Central Saloon



7:00pm - Whitney Ballen @ Visit Seattle Stage at Axis 1

8:00pm - Moorea Masa and The Mood @ Embassy Suites Ballroom

8:30pm - Tres Leches @ Miller Lite Stage at Central Saloon

10:15pm - Kung Foo Grip @ Axis 2


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