Locals Only - John Van Deusen Releases Solo Album

June 9, 2017

Courtesy of John Van Deusen


A few years back the sad news came down that Anacortes band The Lonely Forest were going their separate ways. Shortly after that, frontman John Van Deusen started lining up solo shows here and there and today, John bares the first fruit of this solo project with the release of his full length, (I Am) Origami Pt​.​1 - The Universal Sigh. 

Three weeks ago, John stopped by Locals Only and we played almost every track on the album. Once you get started on this indie-rock excellence it's hard to stop. Take a listen for yourself and you'll hear what I'm talking about.

If you like what you hear (and you will) you can head to Mount Vernon tonight (Friday, June 9th) for the (I Am) Origami Pt​.​1 - The Universal Sigh release party at the Lincoln Theatre. It's not that far of a drive and Mount Vernon has the best co-op around. Listen to the album here!

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