Locals Only: Maiah Manser covers Kris Orlowski

October 4, 2016

Photo by Jake Gravbrot

Back in May Seattle's Kris Orlowski released his latest album Often In The Pause. At that time, Orlowski was our Locals Only Artist Of The Month and my guest on Locals Only. While on the show he announced that later this year, an Often In The Pause Covers and Remixes album would be coming and would feature many local artists covering songs from the album.

Last week's Locals Only playlist with Barcelona

Considering Often In The Pause is easily one of my top ten local albums of the year, this was very exciting news and I've been waiting somewhat patiently hear these songs and find out would be involved in the project.

Well, we just got the first taste of that from Maiah Manser with her chilling cover of Kris Orlowski's "Falling Apart." Goosebumps FOR DAYS.

Anticipation is high over here till we get more of these covers and remixes, but for now, this track from Maiah Manser is certainly good enough to hold us over for a while.

Also, if you somehow aren't familiar with Maiah Manser get ready, because she's on deck to enjoy some serious success.

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