Locals Only Playlist: June 16th with Adam Zacks and Chris King & The Gutterballs

June 18, 2019

Chris King & The Gutterballs

Sunday night made it four years in a row that I got to sit down with Adam Zacks to talk about his coming music festival. It was a little different this year though. In the past we were always talking about the Sasquatch! Music Fest, a 17 year event that Zacks had become pretty well known for. With Sasquatch! put to bed Zacks was on the show talking about his newest event THING. 

We went through the lineup, spent plenty of time highlighting local acts The Black Tones and Black Belt Eagle Scout who will be there and getting plenty of questions answered. Zacks shared the vision for this event and how THING came to be. He also talked about what people can expect when they come to Fort Worden in Port Townsend for the first year of this event. 

"It's going to sell out" Zacks said very matter of factly and I totally believed him. So if you have any interest in attending I would suggestion you get your tickets now. 

In the second hour of the show I was joined by Chris King & The Gutterballs. The Seattle band has been coming up in a lot of conversations I've had with other artists recently and they just released a great new album last month called Pain Wave. It only made sense for me to get them on the show and to make things even better Chris brought his guitar and played some songs live for us. It was a pretty special night.

You can see Chris King & The Gutterballs when they perform at the Capitol Hill Block Party next month as part of the Sunday lineup.

Here is the full playlist from Sunday night:

Dude York - Box

Black Belt Eagle Scout - At The Party

The Black Tones - Mama There's A Spider In My Room

Sylvi - Prefixed Image

The Black Tones - Ghetto Spaceship

Skating Polly - Hollywood Factory

Black Belt Eagle Scout - Soft Stud

Chris King And The Gutterballs - The River

Ess Ford - Rainforest Town

Ben Zaidi - When I Was Alone

Chris King And The Gutterballs - Mama Gia

Zachary Warnes - Just Another Life

Chris King And The Gutterballs - Lady Of The Night

Chris King And The Gutterballs - The Door

All Star Opera - Building Blocks