Locals Only Playlist: September 15th with Ben Zaidi

September 20, 2019

Ben Zaidi

Earlier this summer local artist Ben Zaidi released what might be my favorite album of the year, Abandonism. So it was a pretty big deal for me when he finally came by the studio this week for Locals Only. 

We spent the full two hours going through the entire album track by track hearing about each song from Ben. We also covered how he got started in music, what it was like going to Harvard, how he likes living in NY and constantly traveling around the country and we even played the new Travis Thompson track "Malice" that Ben featured on.

You can see Ben Zaidi live when he performs at Barboza on November 1st to kickoff his first headlining tour. 

Here is the full playlist from Sunday night:

Ben Zaidi & Budo - Independence Day

Ben Zaidi & Budo - I Ain't Ever Gonna Die

Ben Zaidi & Budo - Shambles

Travis Thompson - Malice (ft Ben Zaidi)

Ben Zaidi & Budo - A Mile A Minute

Darksoft - Wannacry

Ben Zadi & Budo - Painful To Be

Ben Zaidi & Budo - I-90 W/ Abandonism

Ben Zaidi & Budo - I'm Coming Home

Chong The Nomad - Pompelmo

Ben Zaidi & Budo - Set In Stone

Ben Zaidi & Budo - Unburdened 

Ben Zaidi & Budo - Hold It While It Lasts

Jenn Champion - Turn Up The Radio

The Blocks - Backwards

Ben Zaidi - When I Was Alone