Locals Only Playlist: December 10 with Kevin Sur

December 15, 2017

Kevin Sur from Artist Home was in studio Sunday night to talk about some exciting events they have coming up that feature a ton of our favorite Locals Only artists.

First, the Artist Home New Years Eve Celebration. Artists like Cataldo, Smokey Brights, Hobosexual and more will be performing well-known covers all night long with an incredible backing band. This is the fifth year of the event that had previously sold out at Conor Byrne each year so they are moving it to the Neptune Theatre. 

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The other event Artist Home has on the horizon is Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival on January 26th and 27th with bands like Ra Ra Riot, The Cave Singers, Hobosexual (again) and more. I never knew I wanted a winter music festival until Timbrrr! came around and now I can't wait to head to Leavenworth each year for music and Leisure Games.

Kevin and I played all artists that will be at these two events and he even convinced me that despite being from New York, Ra Ra Riot is OK for Locals Only because one of their members lives in Seattle. So get ready to hear a lot of Beta Love in the very near future. 

Here is the full playlist from Sunday night:

  • Hobosexual - Trans Am Sunday
  • Sundries - The Wave
  • Cataldo - America, Goodnight
  • Cumulus - Do You Remember
  • Smokey Brights - Come To Terms
  • Tea Cozies - Muchos Dracula
  • Fine Prince - Nostalgia
  • Lofts - Minefield Brainwaves
  • The Cave Singers - Swim Club
  • Great Grandpa - Teen Challenge 
  • Jessica Denison and Jones - Heavy Flower
  • The Shivas - Gun In My Pocket
  • Bread and Butter - Desperation 
  • Ra Ra Riot - Water
  • Moorea Masa & The Mood - The Garden

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