Locals Only Playlist: December 16th with Cold Soda

December 17, 2018

Photo by Kyle Jacobson (@tamekyle)

Things are not always what they seem. Sure, they look like the Cave Singers. And ok, yeah, they sort of sound like the Cave Singers. But that band you heard on Locals Only Sunday night was in fact Cold Soda. Or maybe things are as they seem. Sort of. Cold Soda is three members of Cave Singers plus their buddy Jeff Alvarez (Deep Creep, Medicine Bows). 

They told the story of how recording a cover for consideration in a Coke commercial turned into calling themselves "The Coca Cola Band" and they ultimately had so much fun playing together they decided to keep doing it. In early November Cold Soda released their self titled debut album. We talked about the approach to writing and recording as Cold Soda and how nice it has been being able to play lots of shows around Seattle as Cold Soda since Cave Singers only play the area about once a year.

Their new album is very good and you should get your hands on it from UnionZero.com right away.

Here is the full playlist from Sunday night including Deep Sea Diver covering "Last Christmas":

Jenn Champion - OMG (I'm All Over It)

Smokey Brights - Come To Terms

Whitney Ballen - Mountain

River Giant - Taylor Mountain

Sloucher - Perfect For You

Ruler - Complicated Mind

The Black Tones - The Key Of Black

Skating Polly - Classless Act

Cave Singers - Swim Club

The Moondoggies - Soviet Barn Fire

Deep Sea Diver - Last Christmas

Cumulus - Sing To Me

Spirit Award - Dark Night Of The Soul

Parisalexa - Deadhead

Cold Soda - Anna May

Valley Maker - Light On The Ground

The Berries - Waitin Around For You

Cold Soda - Holly Leaf

Cloud Person - Stuck In The Bardo

Deathlist - Try

Medicine Bows - Rolling

Red Ribbon - Your Car

Great Spiders - Baily

Cold Soda - Houses

Jason McCue - When He Drinks