Locals Only Playlist: December 18, only covers edition

December 20, 2016

Photo by Steven Graham

We decided to do something a little different on Locals Only this week. We played nothing but covers and invited several friends of the show to stop in and play some of their favorite covers live on the air. 

We were joined by Sarah Fienberg of Tellers, Eric Anderson of Cataldo, Zach and Mariaugh of Lonely Mountain Lovers, Sadie of Sundries and Matt Batey of Ruler. The songs they all picked were all over the place and it was completely perfect.

Best Music from Seattl in 2016

We learned that there are new releases coming in 2017 from Sundries, Ruler, and Cataldo. Keep an eye out for those. Also, Matt and Eric announced they will be launching a podcast in 2017 called Cat Chat. Yes this is real and you can check it out at catchatpodcast.com

Below is the playlist from Locals Only on December 18, live songs included:

  • Lonely Mountain Lovers - Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young cover) Live
  • Lonely Mountain Lovers - Nothing In This World (The Kinks cover) Live
  • Acid Tongue - Waiting In Vain (Bob Marley cover)
  • Sarah of Tellers - I Won't Back Down (Live)
  • Fauna Shade - Only Time (Enya cover)
  • Kairos - Street Lights (Kanye West cover)
  • Sadie of Sundries - Stay (Rihanna cover)

  • I Will Keep Your Ghost - Dream Lover (Bobby Darrin cover)
  • Belgian Fog - 1979 (Smashing Pumpkins cover)
  • My Goodness - You Just Don't Know How It Feels (Tom Petty cover)
  • Moondarling - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (Beach Boys cover)
  • Eric Anderson of Cataldo - Cold Clear Moon (Tomo Nakayama cover)
  • Matt Batey of Ruler - Oh My Sweet Carolina (Ryan Adams cover)

  • Kris Orlowski - Halo (Beyonce cover) 
  • David Bazan - Read My Mind (Killers cover)
  • Maiah Manser - Falling Apart (Kris Orlowski cover)
  • Matt Batey of Ruler - Strange Condition (Pete Yorn cover)
  • Eric Anderson of Cataldo - Pushover (Long Winters cover
  • Father John Misty - Trouble (Cat Stevens cover)
  • Head Like A Kite - Ohio (Neil Young cover)

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