Locals Only Playlist: December 30th with Kevin Sur and Kenneth Darling

January 1, 2019

For the last Locals Only of 2018 I was joined by Kevin Sur of Artist Home Booking and Kenneth Darling of the band Local Liars to discuss the Artist Home New Years Eve party (which has now happened) and the 2019 Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival. 

Timbrrr! is happening in Leavenworth, WA on January 25th and 26th with a lineup that boasts Locals Only favorites such as Jenn Champion, The True Loves, Parisalexa, Monsterwatch, Tres Leches, Spirit Award and more.

We played a number of artists from the Timbrrr! lineup and from the NYE celebration lineup. We also played a brand new track from Skyler Ford of Snuff Redux. His new album "206" is pretty great and you should go check it out.

Here is the full playlist from Sunday night:

Naked Giants - Sluff

Shelby Earl - Swift Arrows

Locals Liars - Let Down

Whitney Monge -Be Mine

Fly Moon Royalty - Grown Man

Trick Candles - 241

Beverly Crusher - Gimme The Power

Tea Cozies - Muchos Dracula

Jenn Champion - Time To Regulate

Skyler Ford - Vicious Moon

Parisalexa - Deadhead

Monsterwatch - Big Sin

Spirit Award - Dark Night Of The Soul

Tekal Waterfield - Original Lies

Tres Leches - What Are You Doing

The Berries - Waitin Around For You