Locals Only playlist: February 3rd

February 4, 2019

The snow started coming down pretty hard early in the day on Sunday. So rather than take my chances with on the roads we just loaded up a whole bunch of great Locals Only jams to run for two hours. 

Here is the full playlist from Sunday night:

Telekinesis - Cut The Quick

Skating Polly - Queen For A Day

Pedro The Lion - Quietest Friend

Paris Alexa - Ballin

Sloucher - Up and Down

Jenn Champion - Never Giving In

Spirit Award - Dark Night Of The Soul

Cumulus - Sing To Me

Point Of Arches - Caesar's Last Breath

Whitney Ballen - Mountain

I Will Keep Your Ghost - 1964

Dude York - Love Is

Say Hi - Every Gauge Is On Empty

Red Ribbon - Your Car

J GRGRY - Dinosaures 

Crater - All That's Mine

Oliver Elf Army - Infinity's Alright

Chastity Belt - Different Now
Ruler - Get To You

Smokey Brights - Love Like This

Beverly Crusher - Gimme The Power

Golden Gardens - Extrasolar Heartbeat

Kilcid Band - Good Get Gone

Tellers - West

John Van Deusen - Bitter End

Lemolo - Low Halo

Death Cab For Cutie - Million Dollar Loan

The Moondoggies - Oh Now Honey

Cold Soda - Anna May

Damien Jurado - Over Rainbows and Rainier