Locals Only Playlist: The first playlist of the year with Silver Torches on January 7

January 11, 2018

For the first Locals Only of the new year, I had Erik from Silver Torches in-studio and played new tracks from The Hollers, Special Explosion, and Elizabeth Gundersen.

Silver Torches is playing the Tractor Tavern this Friday night with The Hollers and Elizabeth Gundersen. The show is the vinyl release of the fantastic Silver Torches record Let It Be A Dream from 2017. This is a great Locals Only lineup and you should get your tickets now before they sell out.

Here is the rest of our playlist from Sunday night:

  • Special Explosion - Fire
  • The Hollers - Something Real
  • Pink Parts - Braile
  • The Moondoggies - Red Eye
  • Spirit Award - Summer
  • Belgian Fog
  • Deep Sea Diver - Always Waiting
  • Ruler - Easy Life
  • Hello, I'm Sorry - Wortha Fight
  • Thunderpussy - Welcome To The Disco
  • Hobosexual - Trans Am Sunday
  • Blue Scholars - Joe Metro
  • Cataldo - America, Goodnight
  • Brothers From Another - Talk Is Cheap
  • Blue Scholars - Joe Metro
  • Tellers - Ground
  • Silver Torches - Keep The Car Running
  • Tangerine - Sunset
  • Silver Torches - If I Reach
  • The Hollers - Like Dreaming
  • OK Sweetheart - Pranks
  • Elizabeth Gundersen - Falling For You
  • Smokey Brights - Come To Terms
  • Ravenna Woods - Lichst
  • Silver Torches - Like A Child
  • Head Like A Kite - Wrong Side Of Sunrise
  • John Van Deusen - Mind Reader

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