Locals Only Playlist: January 21 with guest Taylar Eliza Beth

January 26, 2018

Locals Only was crazy and amazing this week. I have to start by saying that I was joined by my main man Branden From The Internet, which always makes things a little extra magical.

In the first hour, we had several kids from the West Seattle School of Rock in Studio with their leaders Phil and Trevor talking about a Chris Cornell tribute show they are putting on this Saturday 1/27 at Chop Suey. Not only did we get into everything about the show, but we also got two amazing live performances, one of which even included one of the younger kids playing a bag of Skittles because there wasn't a shaker for him. So he's pretty much a genius.

These young performers are the real deal and if you head to Chop Suey on Saturday not only will you get a killer show, but proceeds go to benefit the Crisis Clinic. Show starts at 5pm so be sure to get there early!

In the final hour of the show, Branden and I got to interview local rap artist Taylar Elizza Beth. We have been enjoying her music since late last year and her Fresh Cut Flowers EP was one of our favorite local releases of 2017. Taylar told the story of how she got started, talked about some of her favorite local artists, and then shared some breaking news with our listeners. Taylar Elizza Beth announced on the show that the name of her upcoming full-length album will be titled 4est

Pretty much can't wait for that to be released and she made it sound like the wait won't be too long. So keep an eye out for that. 

Here is the rest of our playlist from Sunday night:

  • Chris Cornell - Like A Stone (Acoustic)
  • The Hollers - Something Real
  • Lisa Prank - Let Me Write Yer Lines
  • West Seattle School of Rock - Seasons (Live Chris Cornell Cover)
  • Smokey Brights - Come To Terms
  • Perfume Genius - Wreath
  • Brite Futures - Too Young To Kill
  • Crater - Novocaine
  • My Goodness - Islands
  • West Seattle School Of Rock - Burden In My Hand (Live Chris Cornell Cover)
  • Werewolf Diskdrive - Beepers and Beepers
  • Hey Marseilles - West Coast
  • Prom Queen - Blonde
  • Taylar Elizza Beth - Storm
  • King Astro Phoenix - Wake Up (Ft. TEB)
  • Donormall - Wide Awake
  • Taylar Elizza Beth - Free My Mind
  • Special Explosion - Gladiator 
  • Taylar Elizza Beth - Light On
  • Ruler - Easy Life

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