Locals Only Playlist: July 1st

July 5, 2018

Supported by Rainier Beer

I had a guest cancel on Sunday night but that's ok because the guest got rescheduled and I had plenty of great new music to play. The lack of a guest did give me time to talk about the sad Sasquatch! Music Festival news, get really excited about the Timber! Outdoor Music Festival and gush over our Locals Only Artist of the Month, Kilcid Band. Seriously, this new Kilcid Band track is amazing. Manley even called it his song of the summer so you know it's good because that dude isn't just endorsing every single thing that comes along. 

Here is the full lineup from Sunday night:

The Head and The Heart - Lets Be Still

Death Cab For Cutie - Title & Registration

Modest Mouse - Paper Thin Walls

Kilcid Band - Good Get Gone

The Regrets - Houndstooth

Ruler - Get To You

Jenn Champion - Coming For You

SYML (playing Summer Camp 2018!) - God I Hope This Year Is Better Than The Last

Abraham - Darkside

Tomo Nakyama - Keep On Movin

Cumulus - Retreat

John Van Deusen - Mind Reader

Brothers From Another - Summer Is Over

Whitney Ballen - Go

I Will Keep Your Ghost - 1964

Golden Gardens - Light Of The West

Say Hi - Every Gauge Is On Empty

Talktin and Easy - Home Is Not A Place

Paris Alexa - Ballin

Lisa Prank - Let Me Write Yer Lines

Versin - Silver Dollar

Motopony - A Little Death

Naked Giants - Sluff

Tellers - West

The Flavr Blue - Wit It

The Grizzled Mighty - Cabin Fever

Skating Polly - Hollywood Factory

The Hollers - Why Try

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