Locals Only Playlist: July 30 with Saint Claire

August 1, 2017

I think I might have set a new record for most songs played on Locals Only this week.

In the first hour, I loaded up on plenty of great stuff including a couple of tracks from some Summer Camp artists, expressed my sadness over Manatee Commune moving to Detroit, and dug deep for a track from Ugly Casanova.

In the second hour, I was joined by Seattle artist Saint Claire. This dude is fresh off a pair of performances at Capitol Hill Block Party and recently releasing his LO EP. We played every track off the EP and a couple of older Saint Claire tracks. He also told me he has a collaboration with Manatee Commune coming soon. 

You can get the LO EP pretty much anywhere you get music online and you can see Saint Claire at Bumbershoot.

Here is the rest of our playlist from Sunday night:

  • Cave Singers - Swim Club
  • Beat Connection - Palace Garden. 4am
  • La Luz - Don't Wanna Be Anywhere
  • Brothers From Another - Love The Band
  • Throw Me The Statue - Hi-Fi Goon
  • The Fame Riot - Heart Stray
  • Beth Ditto - In And Out
  • Damien Jurado - Walrus
  • Ugly Casanova - Cat Faces
  • Motopony - Seer
  • Lemolo - Low Halo
  • My Goodness - Scavengers
  • Ivan & Alyosha - Running For Cover
  • The Flavr Blue - Top Down
  • Hey Marseilles - West Coast
  • Fruit Juice - Terra Fi
  • Manatee Commune - What We've Got
  • Barcelona - Lonely Holiday
  • Perfume Genius - Queen
  • Saint Claire - LO
  • OK Sweetheart - Pranks
  • Dude York - Black Jack
  • Saint Claire - Hold
  • Saint Claire - Arson
  • Saint Claire - Bad Preacher
  • Saint Claire - Medication
  • Saint Claire - High Enough
  • Smokey Brights - Catacomb

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