Locals Only Playlist: July 7th with Bradford Loomis

July 13, 2019

Bradford Loomis

It has been at least a couple of years since we last had Bradford Loomis in studio for Locals Only and it was great to have him back last Sunday. A couple years back Loomis and his family moved to Nashville. It was a loss for the Seattle music community for sure but now Bradford is back in the PNW for a run of tour dates this summer.

You can catch Bradford Loomis at the Ballard Homestead on Friday July 26th or at the Thumbnail Theater in Snohomish on Sunday July 28th for an early show. Or, you know, go to both.

Here is our full playlist from Sunday night including some tracks Bradford did live in the studio:

Bradford Loomis - End Of This Chain

Chong The Nomad - Two Colors

Bradford Loomis - The Swinging Bell (Live in studio)

Sylvi - Prefixed Image

Society Of The Silver Cross - When You're Gone

Bradford Loomis - Across The Divide

Skating Polly - Hollywood Factory 

Bradford Loomis - Stories (Live in studio)

John Van Deusen - Bitter End

Dude York - Falling

Dude York - Box

Skating Polly - Flyer

Spirit Award - Dark Night Of The Soul

I Will Keep Your Ghost - 1964

Crater - All That's Mine

Ess Ford - Rainforest Town

The Cave Singers - Swim Club

Telekinesis - Cut The Quick

Parisalexa - Waterme

Ben Zaidi - When I Was Alone

Happy Times Sad Times - Bombs

Idiot Pilot - Widespread Devastation

Ravenna Woods - Once For The Lockhearts