Locals Only Playlist: A June 12th Sunset with Cataldo

June 13, 2017

Locals Only was way too much fun this week when Eric Anderson of Seattle band Cataldo dropped by the show. Cataldo recently released a new album called Keepers and Sunday night we played every beautiful track on the album from start to finish.

Seriously, Keepers might be my favorite album of the year so far and there isn't a bad song on that thing and you should go buy it as soon as you can.

In addition to going heavy on the new Cataldo, we talked about our competitive sides, reminded Kanye to follow his heart, said goodbye to Everett band Crystal Desert and took a trip up to the roof to watch a beautiful sunset together. It was a truly magical night.

You can see Cataldo this summer at the Timber! Outdoor Music Festival in Carnation (July 13-15) or right in Seattle at Bumbershoot (Sept. 1 - Sept. 3).

Here is the rest of our Locals Only playlist from Sunday:

Cataldo - Room Without A Flame 
Cataldo - Photograph
Dude York - Blackjack
Cataldo - Little Heartbeat
Pickwick - Turncoat
Cataldo - Person You'd Be Proud of
Crystal Desert - Trade Ambition
Cataldo - Between You and Me
Belgian Fog - Desktop Philosopher 
Wild Ones - Golden Twin
Cataldo - Your Love Has Got Me Running Home (to You)
Cataldo - A Short Goodbye to No One In Particular 
John Van Deusen - Don't Pitch Correct Me
Cataldo - Willow Tree
Ruler - Unhindered Pace
OK Sweetheart - Pranks
Cataldo - Straight Up Western
Pure Bathing Culture - Pray For Rain
Cataldo - America Goodnight
Maiah Manser - Top Of My Lungs

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