Locals Only Playlist: March 10th with Telekinesis

March 12, 2019


It was one of those weeks on Locals Only where we were just loaded up with great new music.

The show started by spending an hour with Michael Benjamin Lerner of Telekinesis. Just a few weeks ago the new Telekinesis album Effluxion was released so we spent plenty time diving into music from the album as well as how it got made. Lerner explained that he actually recorded and produced the entire album himself in his basement at home and it's so good that I personally just think he should produce all of his own work moving forward. We also played a fantastic new track from local band La Fille that happens to have been produced by Michael Benjamin Lerner. 

You can and should see Telekinesis live at Neumos on May 3rd. 

In addition to all that rad Telekinesis related stuff we also premiered a brand new song from Bellingham band Idiot Pilot. That still feels crazy to me that I got to play new Idiot Pilot on the radio. We premiered a new track from Ravenna Woods and of course played that new Parisalexa.

Here is the full playlist from Sunday night:

Telekinesis - Cut The Quick

Lipstitch - Best Of Us

Telekinesis - Set A Course

La Fille - Said And Done

Parisalexa - Water Me

Telekinesis - Like Nothing

Ravenna Woods - Once For The Lockhearts

Telekinesis - Suburban Streetlight Drunk

Cumulus - Retreat

Idiot Pilot - Sabotour

Tacocat - Grains Of Salt

Deathlist - Try

J Grgry - Dinosaurs

Duke Evers - Seaside

Razor Clam - There

I Will Keep Your Ghost - Sleep

Red Ribbon - Overdrive

Little Wins - Let Me Into Your Heart

Wild Powwers - Buff Stuff

Bruce - I Come Around

Sol - These Songs

Beverly Crusher - Gimme The Power

Electric NoNo - What Happened To The Rock

Spirit Award - Dark Night Of The Soul