Locals Only Playlist: March 26 with David Bazan

March 27, 2017

Photo by Steven Graham

WOW. Locals Only felt like a special one this week. I hope you like the music of Bradford Loomis and David Bazan, because that's pretty much all we played this week.

We started the show with Bradford Loomis who is fresh off a pair of release shows celebrating his new album Bravery and the Bell. Bradford shared stories about his music and was kind enough to play some of his beautiful new songs live on the show for us. Go buy Bravery and the Bell. You'll be happy you did.

In the second hour of the show, David Bazan dropped by to talk about everything he has been up to lately. We dug into his new album Care and played plenty of tunes from that, talked about the upcoming documentary he is the subject of a new documentary titled Strange Negotiations, and we even got a song request from Horatio Sanz. Dave knows people.

Go pickup the latest from David Bazan, Care, and keep your eyes peeled for the documentary Strange Negotiations, starring Bazan himself.

We didn't play nearly as much music as we normally do, but here's this week's Locals Only playlist:

  • Bradford Loomis - Wind and Woe
  • Bradford Loomis - Time of the Great Remembrance
  • Perfume Genius - Slip Away
  • Bradford Loomis - Revelator 
  • Chastity Belt - Different Now
  • Bradford Loomis - End Of This Chain
  • Cataldo - Photograph
  • Bradford Loomis - Across The Divide
  • Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still
  • Hello I'm Sorry - Worth A Fight
  • David Bazan - Disappearing Ink
  • Deep Sea Diver - Always Waiting
  • Crystal Skulls - No Room For Change
  • David Bazan - Eating Paper
  • Briana Marela - Take Care Of Me
  • David Bazan - Keep Trying
  • David Bazan - Sparkling Water