Locals Only Playlist: May 12th with Trick Candles

May 15, 2019

Trick Candles

Lots of great new stuff on Locals Only this week.

In the first hour I was joined by Tiffany and Sean from the Bothell Block Party and Brew Fest. The event is happening this Saturday (5/18) in downtown Bothell with a ton of our favorite Locals Only artists like The Black Tones, Dude York, Skating Polly, Bearaxe, All Star Opera, Jason McCue, and Trick Candles. So obvisously we played all of those bands.

If the second hour of the show we were joined by Trick Candles who brought a new single to share. The track is called "I'm Gold" and it is really, really good.

Trick Candles shared how they got together, talked about their music, and played tracks from bands they love like Mirrorgloss, La Fonda, and Killer Workout. Of course we played a bunch of Trick Candles tracks as well.

Here is the full playlist from Sunday night including new music from Dude York and Big Wild, as well as a premier of from Snohomish County band King Mammoth:

Dude York - Falling

King Mammoth - Pathfinder

Skating Polly - Play House

All Star Opera - Building Blocks

Jason McCue - Can't Remember

The Black Tones - Mama There's A Spider In My Room

Big Wild - 6's To 9's

Trick Candles - I'm Gold

Bearaxe - Brown Liquor

Mirrorgloss - I Feel Free

Point Of Arches - Caesar's Last Breath

La Fonda - In The Summer

Killer Workout - Call Me Back

Trick Candles - Preted We're Alone

Fruit Juice - Flash

Trick Candles - 241

Duke Evers - New Hollywood