Locals Only Playlist: October 2 with Noah Gundersen

October 4, 2017

Photo courtesy of Red Light Management

We had a special Locals Only this week with Noah Gundersen and his guitar joining Branden and me for the full two-hour show. 

Two weeks ago, Noah released his fantastic new album White Noise and Sunday night he played three songs from the album live in-studio. We talked about his upcoming tour dates with Silver Torches, writing songs for the television show Sons Of Anarchy, and who his favorite local bands are.

Not only did Noah play some of his own songs, but he also brought a ton of unreleased stuff from other great local bands. He premiered new songs from The Hollers, Clone Wolf, Silver Torches, and even a song he recorded with Sisters as part of a project he and Andy Park are doing called VSCS. We really need to get a world premier air horn. 

You can see Noah Gundersen when he headlines the Neptune Theatre two nights in a row on November 17th and 18th. The Hollers will be joining him on the 18th. So that's kind of a must-see.

Here is the full playlist from Sunday night:

  • Cataldo - Little Heartbeats
  • Noah Gundersen - The Sound (live in studio)
  • David Bazan - Up All Night
  • Noah Gundersen - Bad Desire (live in studio)
  • The Lonely Forest - We Sing In Time 
  • John Van Deusen - The Bitter End
  • The Hollers - Zeb
  • Clone Wolf - Wouldn't Change A Thing
  • Sisters - Heart Beats
  • Sisters + VSCS - Wrong Side
  • Noah Gundersen - Cocaine Sex & Alcohol 
  • Silver Torches - Woman In Rust
  • Silver Torches - At The Lantern
  • Noah Gunderson - Number One Hit Of The Summer
  • Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose
  • Noah Gundersen - After All (line in studio)
  • The Long Winters - Teaspoon
  • Perfume Genius - Slip Away