Locals Only Playlist: October 30 with Jason Webley

October 31, 2016

Photo by Steven Graham

Everett artist Jason Webley dropped by Locals Only this week to talk music and promote a big event he is putting together called "100 Years Tomorrow"

"100 Years Ago Tomorrow" is Friday, November 4 and will feature local musicians performing original songs inspired by the events surrounding the Everett Massacre of November 5th, 1916.

Webley will be joined by Tomo Nakyama, Kate Copeland, Kevin Murphy (The Moondoggies), Bradford Loomis (Banner Days), and Johanna Warren. The show will take place at the Historic Everett Theatre in Downtown Everett. 

Webley gave us a taste of what to expect on Friday night by letting us play original songs written for 100 Years Ago Tomorrow from Tomo Nakyama and Kate Copeland and it all sounded very good. 

You can get tickets to see Jason Webley and friends at 100yearsagotomorrow.com.

We also played brand new music from SISTERS, Death Cab For Cutie, Ayron Jones with Naomi Wachira, and a great remix from Sol of the Manatee Commune song "What We've Got."

  • Jason Webley - My Love Left Me In April 
  • Deep Sea Diver - See These Eyes
  • Manatee Commune - What We've Got
  • Bradford Loomis - End Of This Chain 
  • Fauna Shade - No Nostalgia
  • Tomo Nakayama - Abraham Rabinowits
  • Barcelona - Lonely Holiday 
  • The Moondoggies - Empress Of The North
  • Skating Polly - Nothing More Than A Body
  • Johanna Warren - My Storm
  • Band Of Horses - Casual Party
  • Sisters - Trails
  • Kate Copeland - Port Gardener Bay​
  • Headwaves - Mama
  • Maiah Manser - Second Skin
  • Death Cab For Cutie - Million Dollar Loan
  • Ayron Jones and Naomi Wachira - I'd Rather Go Blind (Etta James cover) 
  • Ravenna Woods - Alleyways
  • My Goodness - Islands
  • What We've Got - Manatee Commune (Sol Remix)
  • Joseph - White Flag
  • Sloucher - Flower Girl

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