Locals Only Playlist: September 22nd with Reader

September 25, 2019


On Sunday night we spent some time getting to know Seattle band Reader on Locals Only. Having only been a band for about a year and a half Reader has already covered a lot of ground around town and just released their debut album Engrams last month. 

We talked about how they became a band, what their first show together was like at Neumos (yeah, not a band first show), and the process of making their album. The band also shared some tunes from their favorite local artists like Chrome Lakes, Breaks & Swells, and Subways On The Sun. 

See the full playlist below:

Reader - Skeleton

Chrome Lakes - The Cost

Reader - Are You A Vampire

Breaks And Swells - Chill With You

Red Ribbon - Your Car

Reader - Lunger

Subways On The Sun - Hope You Like Getting Old

Reader - Hooks

Chong The Nomad - Nothing Else

The Head And The Heart - Don't Dream It's Over (cover)

Somesurprises - Empty Threat

The Blocks - Gimme The Answer

Happy Times Sad Times - Bombs

Actionesse - Menace

Great Grandpa - Mono No Aware

J Grgry - Haunted Horses

Dude York - Falling

John Van Deusen - Whatever Makes You Mine

Jenn Champion - Turn Up The Radio

Cataldo - Ding Dong Scrambled Eggs

Fences - Paper Route

Sleater Kinney - Can I Go On

The Berries - Waitin Around For You