Locals Only Playlist: September 2nd with Jake Uitti

September 4, 2018

Supported by Rainier Beer

Had a really great time hanging with local journalist Jake Uitti Sunday night on Locals Only. Jake has been a staple in covering the local music community for several years now and anytime he comes by the radio show he always brings some fresh tracks. Sunday night was no different. Jake introduced us all to new tunes from Bearaxe, Electric NoNo, Whitney Monge, Tres Leches, Gifted Gab (BAG), Champagne Honeybee and more. He even brought us a track from Andrew Vait's (SISTERS) new solo project Little Wins and I am now very excited to hear more from that project.

Here is the full playlist from Sunday night:

Helio Sequence - Harmonica Song

The Moondoggies - Red Eye

Smokey Brights - Love Like This

Bearaxe - Brown Sugar

Bread and Butter - Banana O'Clock

Electric NoNo - What Happened To The Rock

BAG - Nasty

Whitney Monge - Be Mine

Tres Leches - What Are You Doing

Little Wins - Metal

Glorietta - Golden Lonesome

Beverly Crusher - Gimme The Power

Lyle - Get Me

Danny Denial - Caliphornia

Stereo Embers - Wagon

Young Chhylee - Not Alone

Champagne Honeybee - Wrong Turn

Jenn Champion - Coming For You

Navvi - Us

Mirror Ferrar - Photon Forrest

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