Locals Only Playlist with Soft Sleep and Smokey Brights

October 10, 2016

Photo by Steven Graham

We had a double header of great local bands on Locals Only Sunday night.  Soft Sleep dropped by the show for the first hour and Smokey Brights came in for hour two. 

Soft Sleep allowed us to premiere their new song "Heartbeats" that will be the single from their upcoming full-length album Endless Circles which will be out in early 2017 on Rocketheart Records. You can catch Soft Sleep this Friday night (Oct. 14) at the Marco Collins Slumber Party taking place at Chop Suey featuring Sleeping Lessons (album release), Soft Sleep, Chris Cheveyo and Dreamcatchr.

Locals Only Artist of the Month: October

Smokey Brights brought in their new album Hot Candy which will be out October 21 on Freakout Records. Smokey Brights also let us premiere their brand new song "Start Wearing Black" which the band quickly offered to the producers of True Detective to be used in the upcoming season.

Go listen to the spooky Halloween themed tune and you'll hear why this makes perfect sense. We also played the new Smokey Brights track "Desiree" which is the 100% banger on the album and we are going to start playing it OFTEN on Locals Only. 

Last week's Locals Only Playlist with Barcelona

You can see Smokey Brights and get your pink vinyl copy of Hot Candy at their record release party on Friday, October 21 at Neumos when they play with Radiation City (Portland) and Sloucher. This is easily one of the most exciting Locals Only bills of the year.

Here is everything else we played on Locals Only this week:

  • Soft Sleep - Unravel 
  • Sisters - Buck
  • Belgian Fog - One Night Man
  • Soft Sleep - Heartbeat
  • Deep Sea Diver - Always Waiting
  • Sloucher - Flower Girl
  • My Goodness - Islands
  • Soft Sleep - At Nothing
  • Silver Torches - Woman In Rust
  • Young In The City - No Nostalgia 
  • Tacocat - Talk
  • Smokey Brights - In Demand
  • Hobosexual - Killed To Death
  • Barcelona - Lonely Holiday
  • Smokey Brights - Desiree
  • Maiah Manser - Falling Apart (Kris Orlowski cover)
  • Naked Giants - Easy Eating
  • Smokey Brights - Start Wearing Black
  • Manatee Commune - What We've Got
  • Skating Polly - Nothing More Than A Body
  • Mr. Night Sky - Wizard
  • Smokey Brights - Not Enough Time
  • Radiation City - Juicy
  • Acid Tongue - Mac and Me