Locals Only Playlist: November 24th with Travis Thompson and Moody Bear

November 25, 2019
Travis Thompson

Travis Thompson

This week on Locals Only we had two great guests in studio.

In the first hour we were joined by local rapper Travis Thompson who has very much been on the rise this year. Back in September he released his album Wreckless Endangerment and it is from top to bottom one of the best albums out this year. We talked about how it was for him to work with the likes of Macklemore, Sir Mix-A-Lot and Geo of the Blue Scholars and what it was like performing at the BET Hiphop Awards. Travis also explained the best part of how well everything is going for him is waking up each day and knowing he gets to create and make things he loves with his friends instead of punching a clock at a regular job.

In the second hour we were joined by Caleb of local band Moody Bear. We got to know Caleb and hear about how Moody Bear got started. He talked about opening for Ivan and Alyosha and played four songs for us live on the air. Two of the songs were brand new ones and they all sounded great.

Here is our full playlist from Sunday night:

Travis Thompson - Malice

Blue Scholars - Joe Metro

Travis Thompson - Glass Ceiling

Travis Thompson - Dropped Babies 

Travis Thompson - God's Favorite

Parisalexa - Ballin

Chong The Nomad - Pompelmo

Moody Bear - I Outlived The Fire By Trillium Lake (live)

The Head And The Heart - Lets Be Still

Moody Bear - Mood Swings (live)

Eva Walker, Alaia D'Alesondra, Julia Massey - Won't You Be My Neighbor

Moody Bear - I'm Fine (live)

Alex Dunn - Scattered Poems

Sylvi - Prefixed Imagine

Moody Bear -Perfect Day (live)

Lisa Prank - Ignore It

Damien Jurado - Cindy Lee