LOCALS ONLY PREMIER: "Pieces Of Sky" video from Tomo Nakayama

August 14, 2018

Photo by Ian Allen

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Almost one year ago, Seattle folk artist Tomo Nakayama released his album Pieces Of Sky. Today he is releasing a gorgeous new music video for the title track.

The music video for "Pieces Of Sky" expands on the song in an important and newly way.

"This song was the one that sort of became my mission statement in life and in music for the past couple years. I was inspired by my friend Ian Allen's photography from his travels around the world and knew he could capture visually the sweeping vistas of the Puget Sound that I was trying to convey in sound, all of the different shapes water can take if you stare at the ocean long enough. It took almost a year since the album came out for our schedules to align and to finally finish the video but it was well worth the wait!" Nakayama said of the new video.

Director Ian Allen is certainly accomplished with a resume including work for TIME, New York Times Magazine, and The Atlantic. His work with Tomo Nakayama is just further proof.

The video presentation of "Pieces Of Sky" uses a lengthy 82 second slowed shot of the ocean that at first might make you wonder what's happening, but then leaves you with a perfect calmness to enjoy just as the visuals then move to the forest where Tomo is waiting drenched in light with his guitar. What follows are shots as sweeping and beautiful as the song itself. 

You can see Tomo Nakayama at the Triple Door in Seattle this Wednesday (8/15) with Tom Brosseau and Oono Yuuki. Tickets here.

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