Locals Only Video Premier: Skating Polly releases new video for Hollywood Factory

April 24, 2018

Photo by Angel Ceballos

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I feel like the “American Dream” is a real moving target these days. That idea probably means something different to everybody. Big house, great job, kids and a dog, maybe a Volvo.

I can tell you this though, for Skating Polly I think floating in pools, popping bottles and cruising through the streets of Hollywood in a vintage Ford Mustang has to be somewhere in the ballpark. Because that’s exactly what they decided to do in their dream ride of a new music video.

Oh, and don’t forget about that Workaholics callback when they are lounging on the roof.

From Tacoma by way of Oklahoma City, Skating Polly have been at this for nine years now, which is impressive in its own regard. But if their new single “Hollywood Factory” is proof of anything it’s that some things just keep getting better. It’s a real contradiction of terms, but somehow Skating Polly has accomplished sounding raw and polished at the same time and it’s SO good.

Listen: Skating Polly premiers new music on the Locals Only Podcast

Last week the band dropped by Locals Only to talk about their new album The Make It All Show (out 5/4) and premier some new songs. “Hollywood Factory” was one of those songs and it has been stuck in my head since that night. This video is every bit worthy of the song so watch it and then go preorder their new album. 

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 Listen to Skating Polly on the Locals Only Podcast