More great music videos from local artists Skating Polly, Belgian Fog

March 15, 2018

Skating Polly | Photo by Alice Finneran

We have been talking about a lot of great new music videos from Locals Only favorites lately. Sol released an instant classic last week for his song "If You Don't Call." Damien Jurado had a very scenic video for his new song "Over Rainbows and Rainier" that featured plenty of epic drone shots of PNW forests. Just yesterday Naked Giants premiered a rad video for their great new song "SLUFF."

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I am very glad that the music video is still an important part of how we consume art and that so many local artists are making them right now. 

Here are a couple more worth talking about:

Skating Polly - "Queen For A Day"
Last week Tacoma band Skating Polly released their new video for "Queen For A Day." This band of siblings is getting pretty popular all over right now and have been making rad music videos for a while now. This video is funny, sarcastic, and a little scary.We need to be claiming them a bit more up here in the PNW. 

Belgian Fog - "One Night Man"
2017 became the year the Belgian Fog finally started playing live shows and in early 2018 we finally got an official release of the One Night Man EP. This video is kind of hilarious. Watching frontman Robert Dale fail terribly at many sports is too damn good. Not to mention the John Brockman UW jersey cameo. You can hear the story of how this video came to be on the Belgian Fog episode of the Locals Only podcast.

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That's some awesome new Seattle music. Now see how the Seattle Dog started...