Little Wins Premiers New Single "Average Of Both"

September 27, 2019

Little Wins by Stanton Stephens

It was just about a year ago that Seattle artist Andrew Vait introduced us to Little Wins. You see, for the last several years Andrew has been one half of the band SISTERS, a favorite around Seattle, and Little Wins is his new solo project.

Don’t worry, SISTERS is safe and sound with an excellent new EP just released last week.

The exceptional first tracks from Little Wins “Let Me Into Your Heart” and “Metal” didn’t sound like the early efforts of a new producer and instantly became staples in the Locals Only rotation.

Keeping all of that in mind it’s obviously an honor to be premiering the latest single from Little Wins “Average Of Both”.

Here is a bit from Vait himself about Little Wins and the new single.

Me: You've been one half of the band SISTERS consistently releasing very good music for several years now, where did the inspiration for your Little Wins project come from?

Andrew Vait: I started writing songs that became the first Little Wins singles in early 2018. We were exhausted after releasing two albums in 2017 and ending the year with a month in Europe. I hadn’t done any writing outside of a room with Emily, my SISTERS bandmate, in years, and suddenly these songs were pouring out of me. I recorded a couple demos in GarageBand and sent them to a few folks for feedback. My buddy Nate Mercereau, who I met touring with Phillip Phillips, suggested I take a crack at producing the songs myself, and I had all this free time with SISTERS in hibernation so I just dove in. The producing community is really inviting and generous, and I started meeting other great producers in the Seattle area. Sol, who has collaborated a number of times with SISTERS, introduced me to Budo, and we made fast friends. I wrote Average of Both in Budo’s home studio with our pal Dave Dalton, who plays keys in Macklemore’s touring band.

Me: Is there a Little Wins album on the way?

AV: Because I’m so new to producing, my sound is evolving every couple of weeks, so I think I’ll probably just release singles until my writing and producing settle a bit. I’m having a great time collaborating with artists in Seattle and beyond through Little Wins, so I’m not in a huge rush to put an album out.

Me: Tell me about the new single "Average Of Both" which I totally love BTW.

AV: When Budo and Dave and I got together, it was this very typically rainy day in the early summer. We joked about writing some sad boy s%!t cus we were all three up in our feelings that day. Dave sat down at the piano, Budo laid in the breakbeat and I wrote the verses and hook and the song was pretty much done by the end of the session.