Pregame for Summer Camp with Smokey Brights this month!

June 19, 2018

Supported by Rainier Beer

Back in January, Seattle band Smokey Brights released their Come To Terms EP. The EP was great, but the release show was incredible. After the show I really thought to myself, (and said to anyone who would listen) "this is the best band in Seattle." Now I know it's not a competition, but feeling this way about Smokey Brights has me very excited about that fact that they are playing at Summer Camp in less than two months. 

I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that there is a good chance many of you who will be attending Summer Camp (reading this post contractually obligates you to attend) might not have seen Smokey Brights live before. That's totally ok, though, because they have two shows this month that can help you get ready. 

I feel like showing up at Summer Camp and knowing all the words to the songs by the local bands gets you some sort of special street cred. At least I hope so, otherwise my cred is nonexistent. So do the right thing and go check one of these rad shows.

Wednesday - June 20th - The Crocodile w/Sunflower Beam

Thursday - June 28th - The Showbox w/Gomez 

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