Sasquatch 2017 lineup predictions

January 17, 2017

We are knock-knock-knocking on the door of the Sasquatch! Music Festival lineup being announced. It’s time to make some predictions as to who we will be partying with at the Gorge on Memorial Day weekend.

I will be using a very refined and sophisticated method for determining the lineup that I have developed over many years of attending the festival. It involves analysis of other major festival lineups, who is releasing new music currently or in the next five months, who is touring in the area around that time with that weekend still open, and who is just plain hot in the industry lately.

I will also make room for what my gut tells me, which of course is very scientific.

My confidence in each of these predictions will be ranked using the ranking system below:

Oh Most Definitely = There is no way this band/artist isn’t there this year
Likely = Evidence suggests a severe probably
I’ve Just Got A Feeling = Something in my gut tells me this could happen
Long Shot = No real solid evidence to support this but hope is very high

We already know that Frank Ocean will be headlining, but who else?

Here we go…

The Flaming LipsOh Most Definitely! The Flaming Lips just released a new album and they have the weekend wide open. These guys are Sasquatch! royalty and have possibly played the fest more times than anyone.

the XX – I’m calling this a Long Shot since they are playing another festival that same weekend on the other side of the country. However, airplanes are a thing, so I suppose it’s possible.

LCD Soundsystem – I think this is pretty Likely. Since getting back together, LCD Soundsystem hasn’t come near the PNW. It seems like this has been brewing for too long and it was a real disappointment that they were not on the lineup last year.

Solange – Oh Most Definitely Solange is going to be at Sasquatch! After her most recent album, there is no way she isn’t there. 

Childish Gambino – It is very Likely that Childish Gambino is one of the first names announced when the lineup video is released. He slayed the main stage in 2012 and with the release of “Awaken, My Love” a trip back to Sasquatch! just makes sense on his way to an EGOT.

Ghostland Observatory – I’ve Just Got A Feeling. No, they haven’t released any new music in years, but after an extended break these dudes are touring again and Sasquatch! was always good to them. Please let this happen.

Portugal. The Man – Oh Most Definitely. The Lords of Portland are favorites in the PNW, just released a banger of a new single and have more new music on the way. The only question is will they be main stage or not?

Arcade Fire – Long Shot but with rumors of the follow-up to Reflektor coming as soon as this spring I have got to put them in there just in case.

Bon IverI’ve Just Got A Feeling this is going to happen. Yes, he has a show in Spain just a few days after Sasquatch! so it might be a longshot, but with the all the love 22, A Million has received I think this just has to go down.

Banks and Steelz – This one is Likely. They are a pretty hip name right now and had a great 2016.

Locals Only Bands

Car Seat Headrest - Oh Most Definitely. I mean, Rolling Stone had Teens of Denial at #3 on their best of 2016 list AND they are local. Let’s stop acting like this isn’t happening.

Courtney Marie Andrews – This is Likely. Likely Car Seat Headrest, Courtney Marie Andrews also drew praise from Rolling Stone on her 2016 release Honest Life.

Maiah Manser - Oh Most Definitely Maiah Manser will be there. She might even be on the main stage.

Manatee Commune – I think it is Likely we see Manatee Commune back in the dance tent this year. Not many local artists had a year as strong as this dude.

Smokey Brights – Oh Most Definitely! Smokey Brights have all the right momentum and their album Hot Candy is real good. I don’t see how they aren’t in there.

Lisa Prank – I’ve Just Got A Feeling. Lisa Prank had a great 2016 with performances at Capitol Hill Block Party and Bumbershoot. Sasquatch! makes sense.

Let's see how close we get on January 22 when the official lineup makes its way into the world!

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