Damien Jurado announces new album and releases new single

February 13, 2019

It's been all of about eight seconds since I declared Damien Jurado is my favorite songwriter, so we had probably better take a moment to talk about the exciting news that came down earlier this week.


Alright. Now I can handle this in a more professional manner.

Earlier this week long time Seattle folk artist (who recently moved away), Damien Jurado, announced the release of his new album In The Shape Of A Storm. This is something like his 18th full length album and his first on Mama Bird Recording Company out of Portland, OR after several years and releases through Secretly Canadian. It will be released on April 12th.

The announcement also came with the release of the new single “South”.

If “South” is any indication of what is to come then this album seems to be taking a step away from the wild sonic landscapes of his more recent works. Just Jurado and a guitar is a pretty special thing and if the whole album is like that I won’t be one bit upset.      

Here is the full track list for In The Shape Of A Storm:

1. Lincoln

2. Newspaper Gown

3. Oh Weather

4. South

5. Throw Me Now Your Arms

6. Where You Want Me to Be

7. Silver Ball

8. The Shape of a Storm

9. Anchors

10. Hands on the Table

At least a couple of these tracks have been living out in the world for some time now.

Here is “Newspaper Gown”


And here is “Hands On The Table”