Locals Only Playlist: April 21st with Flying Fish Cove

April 22, 2019

Flying Fish Cove

It was a night of eye opening PNW music education on Locals Only this week.

Sunday night Seattle band Flying Fish Cove came by the studio. We spent the first hour of the show getting to know the band a bit and they even played five tracks live for us in the studio. Three of the tracks they played were from their fantastic new album At Moonset (you should go get that now btw) and two were brand new not yet released. One of the new songs will be on an EP the band plans to release this summer and the other was just written three weeks ago.

In the second hour of the show Flying Fish Cove blew my mind with a ton of music from bands around the Seattle area that I have never heard of. It was all good and plenty of it you'll be hearing on Locals Only in the future.

Here is the full playlist from Sunday night:

Flying Fish Cove - Blow The Candle

Belgian Fog - Desktop Philosopher

Spirit Award - Dark Night Of The Soul

Flying Fish Cove - Sleight Of Hand

Flying Fish Cove - Magic Wand

Beverly Crusher - Scared

Unlikely Friends - King Of The Last Calls

Flying Fish Cove - Johnny Paper

Flying Fish Cove - On Guard 

Fauna Shade - 1973

Flying Fish Cove - Manticore

Sol - These Songs

Dude York - Black Jack

Guests - Halfmoon

Whitney Ballen - Mountain

Old Time Relijun - Dragon Juice

Suretoss - A Little Bruise

Dog Sister/The Fool - Bing Bong

Chong The Nomad - Pompelmo

generifus - And Of An Era

Dozer - Words & Memories & Dreams

Cozy Slippers - Back And Forth

Wolfgang Strutz

iji - Wild Music

Ancient Forrest - Ines Mor

Damien Jurado - Cindy Lee