Locals Only playlist: May 5th with Tacocat

May 10, 2019


Sunday night was a darn good one on Locals Only. Lots of great new music with premiers from Ravenna Woods and that new Bone Police track featuring PSA. We celebrated the new albums from Dead Bars, Versing, Ravenna Woods and of course our May Locals Only Artist Of The Month Tacocat.

Tacocat was in studio for the second half of the show. We played a bunch of tracks from their great new album and they shared songs from some of their favorite local artists like Lisa Prank, Spesh, Versing and Beverly Crusher. The Tacocat crew obviously has amazing taste.

Get your hands on the new Tacocat album This Mess Is A Place and get your tickets to see them on June 8th at The Showbox. 

Here is our full playlist from Sunday Night:

Ravenna Woods - Grinning Heart Of Darkness

Skating Polly - Play House

Kithkin - Sorcerer

Bone Police - Pink Milk (ft PSA)

J GRGRY - Erase The Shore

TXR - Special Ed

Throw Me The Statue - Hi-Fi Goon

Deadbars - I'm A Regular

Duke Evers - New Hollywood

Parisalexa - Water Me

Beverly Crusher - Scared

SYML - Clean Eyes

Golden Gardens - Light Of The West

Cold Soda - Houses

Hello, I'm Sorry - Wortha Fight

Tacocat - Grains Of Salt

Beverly Crusher - Gimme The Power

Tacocat - New World

Spesh - Gorgeous EBRDX

Tacocat - Hologram

Lisa Prank - Starting Again

The Moondoggies - Red Eye

Tacocat - The Joke Of Life

Versing - Tethered