Some of the best Seattle bands playing Sasquatch 2018

February 9, 2018

Photo by David Yousling

After taking the week to digest just how much I love the 2018 Sasquatch! Music Festival lineup I am finally ready to talk about the Locals Only artists who are going to be out rocking the Gorge over Memorial Day weekend. Sasquatch! is always friendly to the local bands and this year is no different.

Check the list of some our favorites below and then be sure to catch their sets:

Modest Mouse
Chances are you are already very familiar with the Issaquah natives who have been one of the biggest bands in the world for more than a decade. Not really a lot to say here but it is an opportunity for me to share their super creepy video for their super underrated and rad song "Satellite Skin." Enjoy the weird and woodsy cult vibes and then get your butt front and center at the main stage. 

Perfume Genius
We love Perfume Genius over here. The few albums have been amazing. No Shape was one of our favorite albums of 2017 and Too Bright was one of our favorite albums of 2014. This band can't miss lately and the live performance is always amazing. Now watch this video of "Slip Away" that looks like the place the ferries live in the HBO hit show True Blood.

It kind of feels like Seattle rockers Thunderpussy have just always been at Sasquatch! and that is probably because four three out of the last four years they have been. With the amazing, high energy live show they always put on I am certainly not complaining. It was announced late last year that Thunderpussy signed with Stardog/Republic Records and since then they have been releasing new songs here and there. They are all really good. Just this week they released the epic video for "Torpedo Love."

Pedro The Lion
When it was announced that David Bazan was reviving Pedro The Lion there was no way that quick run of shows in the PNW at the end of 2017 was all they were going to do. Since then, it has been announced that Pedro The Lion is back in the studio recording new music and they are going to be making a stop at The Gorge for Sasquatch! This could be a great chance to hear some of those new songs and some favorite old ones too. Don't miss this.

As long as they are performing live I'm never going to not see Pickwick. Forever one of the best live bands I've seen and in 2017 they released a fantastic album called Lovejoys. The first single "Turncoat" was one of my favorite songs released last year and I can't wait to see them play it live.

Chastity Belt
I cannot say this enough times, CHASTITY BELT WROTE MY FAVORITE SONG OF 2017. Seriously, "Different Now" is all the things that I think most people feel at some point or multiple points of transition in their lives and I am not going to miss the chance to sing that song as loud as I can when they play it live. 

Bread & Butter
This is a local band I have been loving more and more all the time and they just keep picking up steam. Somehow though, I have yet to see them live. The Gorge seems like a great place to correct that mistake. 

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