Stomping Grounds: The best spots to hit up in Everett

December 14, 2016

Photo by Steven Graham

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I have been living in Everett, Wash. since the 5th grade. For years people have been asking why I stick around and the answer is, "We’re right in the middle of everything."

40 minutes from Seattle. An hour from Bellingham. If I liked skiing, I guess I would be excited about our proximity to Stevens Pass. It's still somewhat affordable. There is always plenty of free parking. We are right on the water. We have a music scene that has been picking up momentum like crazy for the last five years or so.

So let me ask you... Why would I leave?

Name: Steven Graham
Job: I host Locals Only on 107.7 The End every Sunday from 8-10pm
I live in: The most underrated spot in Western Washington. Everett.

The Soundview Tavern

The Soundview Tavern on Hewitt Ave isn’t just the best spot to get late night food, but after 10:30 p.m. it is one of the only places to get food. The Soundview is a total dive but you can get a pretty killer burger until 1:00 a.m. along with some greasy fries or onion rings.  At that hour, the grease is what you’re looking for.

Photo by Steven Graham

Silvercup Coffee

Silvercup on Colby Ave in Downtown Everett might as well be my Cheers. When I haven’t seen some friends in a while I know I can count on running into at least four people I know in there. The coffee is great and seems to pack a bit more of a punch in the "WAKE UP!" department. Thanks to Brad and company, the vibe is always nice and the music is always very on point. Keep an eye out for more competition in 2017. It's about to be a real arms race in the Downtown Everett coffee shop situation. But for now, Silvercup reigns supreme.

The Anchor Pub 

This one changes from time to time as spots open and close, but a The Anchor Pub has been pretty legendary over the years. I’ve seen Kithkin, Motopony, Kris Orlowski, Hot Bodies In Motion, Fauna Shade, I Will Keep Your Ghost, Tellers, River Giant and many more great local bands in there. Not to mention it sits right next to the train tracks and when a train goes by you can run to the bar and get a $1 “Train Beer.”

J Ramen and Sushi

The sushi from J Ramen and Sushi is so good that it actually made me like sushi. I was that guy who for years ruined dinner time for my friends by announcing that I don't eat sushi, but now, thanks to my wife and kids, when we are looking for a place to eat I'm happy to suggest we grab sushi at J's. I've even graduated from the Spider Roll to the Rainbow Roll. The teriyaki is pretty spot on as well with crunchy rice and killer Brussels sprouts.

The Blue Water Distillery and Cocktail Bar

The Blue Water Distillery down at the Port of Everett is the best spot to grab a drink in town. Handcrafted cocktails aren't always quick, but they are worth the wait and the extra couple bucks. Plus the vodka and gin are made right there and some of the best you'll ever have. This is also a tie for best dinner spot. The food menu is just as strong as the drink menu.

The Irishman

Honestly, I can't go watch a game in a room with a bunch of other people. With my luck, that obnoxious fan of the other team will be there and then my team will start losing and I'll have to sit and hear about how much better the Cowboys are or something like that. I can't take that so I typically watch from the safety of my living room.

I hear The Irishman is a good spot to catch a soccer match, though.

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