VIDEO: Inside Locals Only with Ruler (pt. 1)

November 1, 2018

Supported by Locals Only

Earlier this year, Seattle band, Ruler released their fantastic debut album Winning Star Champion via Barsuk Records. Naturally we had to have Mr. Ruler himself, Matt Batey, come by Locals Only to talk about the album and what it’s like keeping a band going in this current version of the music industry. Matt also played a song live while he was on the air.

That night we were also joined by another guest: Jeffrey Wu of POPeye Media. A filmmaker based out of Los Angeles. He was in town and came by the studio to film the interview and performance. Below is part one of three videos from the night:

Keep an eye out for more of these videos from our evening with Ruler in the near future, and if you don't have it yet, be sure to go get the new Ruler album Winning Star Champion.

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