WATCH THIS: Ruler releases video for "Get To You"

May 18, 2018

Photo by Lauren Max

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Locals Only was pretty much all about Ruler this week since I had frontman Matt Batey on the show playing his entire forthcoming album. So I figured we should probably also share his new music video for the song "Get To You."

It would seem that the good folks at Barsuk are taking all of this Ruler stuff pretty seriously and gave Matt a blank check for music videos. Or not. I actually have no idea who pays for these things or how any of that stuff works. I just like to imagine they believe in this band so much that they were like "here, go make as many fantastic videos as you want!" Because that's exactly what Ruler is doing right now.

When he was on the show Matt said he was very excited for this video to be released this week and now I see why. It's completely beautiful. About a minute and a half in Matt starts screaming at the rain and I had to legit take a look around before drying my eyes. If you've ever felt that before you know what I'm talking about.

Quick reminder that the debut album Winning Star Champion from Ruler will be out on May 25th via Barsuk Records. It's a good one, so do the right thing and go pick it up.

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