WATCH THIS: Ruler releases video for new song Unhindered Pace

April 23, 2018

Photo by Lauren Max

It feels like things are really ramping up for Seattle band Ruler right now. It seems like every week I see a new song or music video premiere from these guys. It makes sense considering Matt Batey is finally about to send his debut full length out into the world (Winning Star Champion drops May 25th) with his new friends over at Barsuk. 

Well, this week was no different. The music video for "Unhindered Pace" is here to help Matt (and all of us really) conquer his fears by running over the Aurora Bridge. Every time they show a clip of the bridge I imagine myself trying to sprint across this thing and then visualize my toe catching something I didn't see and me going over the rail and into traffic.

 So yeah, I feel you Matt and would like to congratulate you on your great new music video/song and for doing something I wouldn't do unless traffic had been stopped.

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