WATCH THIS: Spirit Award releases video for Supreme Truth

August 22, 2018

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Our August Locals Only Artist of the Month, Spirit Award, just released the music video for their new single "Supreme Truth". When Daniel and Chris of Spirit Award came by the station for Locals Only they didn't give too much away about their new music video, saying only that they were hoping to "create an organization around the band". What kind of organization could they possibly have been talking about?

A cult! They were talking about a cult!

I don't know a ton about cults, but this one looks like something I can get behind. Just look at the pure bliss on all their faces as they frolic through the forest and love each other. 

In 2017 Spirit Award turned heads with their debut full length Neverending. It's great news that they are already releasing their sophmore album just one year later. You can get the new album Muted Crowd from Spirit Award on October 19th via Union Zero and see them live at their album release party at Neumos on October 18th where they will be joined by local bands LAKE and Spesh.

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