Stomping Grounds: Best places to go in Edmonds

February 9, 2017

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Just about 15 miles north of downtown Seattle you can experience an "Edmonds Kind of Day."

Why does the town uses that mantra? I don’t exactly know, but you may see quite a few of those bumper stickers around town. I moved to Edmonds in 2008 when I was looking to buy a home. While real estate is crazy expensive everywhere these days, I was able to get a little more for my money by moving up north. It has everything I was looking for; not too far from downtown, a fairly quiet community, good restaurants/bars and close to the water.

Don’t let the Edmonds median age (just south of 50) sway you from checking out my stomping grounds.   

Who am I?

NAME: Sean
JOB: Advertising Specialist for 107.7 The End
I LIVE IN: Edmonds

Best Bar & Grill in Edmonds

This is definitely my default for dinner and drinks in Edmonds. It’s in a great spot located downtown a block from the beach on Main St., across from where you queue up for the Edmonds/Kingston ferry. The menu has a little bit of everything so your picky friend can probably find something they like. My go-to – the Blue Burger (with bacon of course) or the Chicken Ciabatta sandwich. And the beer selection is solid. Another thing that’s nice about Rory’s is there’s a section that’s kid friendly so you don’t need to leave your kids in the car (joking). It’s got a nice little patio that’s a great spot in the summer. Not a fabulous view of the water, but you can see and hear the trains going by and watch folks heading down to Brackett’s Landing beach park.

Best Park in Edmonds
Meadowdale Beach Park


I have a few favs around Edmonds, but I’m going to go with Meadowdale Beach Park as my #1. For someone who likes hiking; this park provides a short hike (2.5 miles roundtrip) with a little elevation change (400ft) at the start of the descent. Following a dirt trail through the trees paralleling a creek, you pass under the railroad tracks into an estuary and mixed sandy/rocky beach. A great spot to take a book and find a spot to relax and take in the views.

Best Beer Selection
Brigid's Bottleshop

If you’re looking for a big selection of craft beers – check out Brigid’s. They’ve got both brews on tap, and in the fridge to go. There’s plenty of places to sit, and in the summer, they have big roll-up doors that open to a patio conveniently located next to Scratch Distillery. Bonus – Brigid’s is dog-friendly.

Best Breakfast/Brunch
Rusty Pelican

To start…. a café with a full bar will always have my vote of approval. I don’t know about you, but boozy brunches with friends is a good way to start any day! My go-to - the simply refreshing Greyhound. All around good stuff on the menu, I can’t say I’ve had a bad meal there. It does get super busy, so expect a little wait, but you’re right downtown so plenty of shops and galleries to check out while you wait. 

Best Stretch of Wholesome Family Fun


There’s a half mile or so stretch of Highway 99 that has good times written all over it. No, not that kind of fun… the category is wholesome family fun.  Maybe start by giving Whirleyball (A combination of Basketball, Hockey and Jai-Alai in bumper cars) a try. Then go about 100 yards north to Another Castle to try your hand at an ever-changing list of Arcade Games. And finish up at The Family Fun Center where we can get into everything from putt-putt golf to bumper boats to batting cages. Adult or kid, this series of stops sets up for a good time.

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