Stone Temple Pilots @ Paramount 04.08.15

April 9, 2015

Robert DeLeo, Dean DeLeo, Eric Kretz and Chester Bennington kicked off the new Stone Temple Pilots tour with a bang at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. Everyone was excited to see how Chester would do performing the iconic STP hits and based on the reaction of the crowd I'd say he nailed it! If I could only use one word to describe the concert it would be "energetic."

Up front in the photo pit, myself and a small army of photographers were treated to a hair raising experience (well, for those with hair anyway). I truly enjoyed everything about the show. It was gre at fun and at times challenging to keep up with Chester and Dean pacing the stage back and forth, side to side while Eric pounded the drums with ferocity and Robert rocked the bass with a giant smile on his face. Each would work their way to the front of the stage to rock as close the fans as possible then back. For a photographer, this is the perfect scenario. Chester is a quick guy though, if you aren't fast on the shutter that guy will be gone before you have enough time to say "Vasonline!"

The chemistry of all four members cleary worked. They seemed to be genuinely enjoying being on stage together, the crowd fed off their energy and gave it right back in a perfect symbiotic relationship. STP sounded great and looked great. It was an exciting concert to experience. What more could you ask for?

Mat Hayward
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