Summer Camp! 08.09.14

August 10, 2014

Summer Camp 2014 was a huge success!  We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to be outside at Marymoor Park with a sold out crowd watching some amazing concerts!  Everyone seemed to be in great spirits with a diverse mix of shows providing a wide variety of performances ranging from beautiful to bizarre!  Thanks to everyone that made it for coming out, we'll see you next year!

Mat Hayward
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Starting the day off right was Thumpers!

Sir Sly giving an interview backstage.

Up next...Bad Suns!

Sir Sly takes the stage and goes off!  I just saw them last month at Sasquatch, they were great then but this show was even better!

Wild Cub!

It's you all that make Summer Camp fun!

Bear Hands!

Semper Fi Pepper! 

Jack Antonoff of Bleachers is interviewed by GregR. 

Skaters were the rowdiest band of the day for sure.  I don't remember seeing a mosh pit at Summer Camp before.  The feedback I heard from the fans was overwhelmingly positive.  Pay no attention to the moose knuckle in the photo below. 

Yeah, I'd say the crowd was into Skaters.

The Orwells performed the show that was most talked about at Summer Camp.  This is a band that you are going to feel passionately about after watchng.  You are either going to love them or hate them.  There is no "they were OK" or "It was fine" comments after an Orwells show.  Personally, I LOVE this band!  I got to chat with Mario Cuomo backstage throughout the day and night yesterday and to say he is a trip is an understatement.  Behind the dark sunglasses, the weird spaced out movements on stage and the genuinely crazy antics this guy is sharp.  He knows what's going on and is a man with a plan.  As mentioned, some people were offended, some fell in love.  No matter which category you fall under, this show was memorable to say the least!  I genuinely hope these guys continue to stay true to themselves and shock the world.  If they do, they could be one of the biggest bands in the industry in my opinion. 

This was the ballsiest move I've ever seen at Summer Camp by far!  When the Orwells started to play 'Who Needs You' Zach took off like a bolt of lightning from the back of the stage and before anyone knew what was happening he launched himself off the center wedge and flew 15 feet in the air!  THE best stage dive I've ever seen.  I'm sure Zach is very appreciative to those that caught him.  The last time I did a stage dive was in 1989 at a Jane's Addiction show and everyone moved out of my way.  It still hurts.

There were two full moons at Summer Camp!  Mario Cuomo pulled his pants down and waggled his fanny at the crowd.  All of a sudden Dominic Corso absolutely smashed his ass with his guitar.  Let me tell you, I was pretty close to the action and this was a hard hit!

This is how it ended.

Oh, then this happened.  Thank you to Matthew Lamb for grabbing this shot of me and the Orwells.  As Matthew mentioned on Facebook, the kiss did not last for 2 minutes. 

These guys (L-R) Zach, Pepper, Manley and GregR were ready for some campfire singing!

Then Portugal. The Man showed up so the campfire got nixed.  :)

Who in their right mind gave the Skaters keys to the golf carts?!  Had to move quick to get out of their way!

Family fun at Summer Camp!

Jack Antonoff of Bleachers posing behind a window that hung in my Grandmothers house for over 60 years.



Phantogram put on a beautiful show.  Sarah Barthel said "thank you for celebrating music with us" and I couldn't agree more.  It really did feel like a celebration.

The great thing about Phantogram is you can just close your eyes and let the music carry you. I saw so many people doing this and thought it was pretty amazing.