SUMMER CAMP 08.25.12

August 25, 2012

Adventure Galley the winner of our cabo wabo battle of the bands kick off summer camp 2012 in perfect synth soaked fashion. Giving the early ar rivers something impressive to soak their teeth into, despite anyone who may have been skeptical of their local status something to suck on. For a bunch of young guys from Portland they sure are tight, the low end pulsing from the speakers to an already filling put Marrymoor on what couldn't be a more perfect summer day.

Husky hailing from far off Australia, Husky end their tour in what might be the perfect way with a lovely afternoon set filled with harmonies and accents that make the ladies swoon. Seattle is something of a second home for the boys as their album is out on local label Sub Pop. Even they cant help but comment on how lucky they are to have such a beautiful day. Barring the accents, huskys brand of airy acoustic lead song writing could easily be from down the street. Driving rhythms and toe tapping across the park suggest that band might want to make the crossing of the seas again soon, because they've certainly found a few new fans today.

Milo greene close out the first quarter of summer camp with sleepy soundscapes born to be played on a car ride through the country, or perhaps on the lawn of the Marrymoor amphitheater, sneak-a-toke style. Not that I encourage that sort of thing...:) There's refuge in the stage shade and it's noticeably be taken advantage of more and more as the crowd leaves their hillside comas and come a little closer. Soliciting suntan Lotion, yet thanking whoever let them borrow it initially to which a girl bellows "it was meeeee". Swapping instruments non stop throughout the set, and closing the set with a strange surprise in the from of a Sufjan Stevens cover.

Animal Kingdom shift things into 2nd gear with set filled with intense tracks that would have easily had the crowd shaking to the beat had they not all melted into the grass from such a blistering day. The crowd do show signs of life with the first clap along of the day, the amphitheater no nearly full, Impressive so early in the day. Perhaps the best part of summer camp is the bands just walking around, stopping to chat with fans, giving everything that chill vibe.

The features take us nearly to the halfway point, though a number of young ladies seem quite distracted by husky wandering through the crowd. Packing the most crunch so far. Getting the place moving with "How It Starts". The stage divided in two parts presents an interesting dynamic as some kids run back and forth from side to side before opening up the whole thing later.

Atlas genius get perhaps the most coveted spot of the day. The energy is high. The sun is drooped low enough that the packed crowd can dance in the shade. Not to mention in the back marrymoore has the sprinklers going. Trojans also marks the first sing along of the night. Fists pumping, hands clapping. The place now filled. And the 3 biggest bands of the night are still to come.

As the sun hangs low and the alcohol starts to flow, things start to run together a bit, but here's what we can tell you for sure... The Royal Concept put their phoenix comparisons to the test, (a band who recently jumped to great heights of success in the live arena) and don't disappoint. Coming right to the edge of the stage to get as close to the crowd as you can be without bridging the gap. Walk the Moon are a strong draw for the day, their neon tank tops littering the grounds and are marked as the last band of the day to rock the split stage set up, as the face paint starts to get passed around and rocked by the bananas crowd. A bonkers rendition of Anna Sun sets the crowd ablaze as from a distance the sea of arms look like waves non-stop crashing against the stage.

The moment most of the crowd has been waiting for ever so fervently arrives as Fun take the stage (the trio bring along a female keyboardist in tow), kicking things off with poised-to-be their next big hit, "Carry On" before blazing through a set of sing along hits including a huge cover of The Rolling Stones "You Can't Always Get What You Want", Perhaps only to be topped by the even bigger confetti cannons which shot into the air, covering the crowd, and cementing the group as not only grade A pop songwriters, but A+ showmen as well. And how can we forget the spot on massive sing-a-longs to Some Nights and We Are Young? Oh that's right, we can't!

Alex Clare rounds out the night with a late set, (as an Orthodox Jew on the sabbath, he can't even leave his hotel till after dusk!) Taking to the stage rocking an enormous beard (and a yamaka under his cap was spotted backstage!) and of course he brought the wub wubs with him. Perhaps the best part of the whole festival is that with each set we get a chance to dig deeper beyond the singles, and even if his set got cut a little short, we sure did learn that there's a lot more soul in Alex, than just "Too Close".

Too soon to start speculating about who should play next year? See you there!