The Essential Queens of the Stone Age Songs

June 14, 2017

Earlier today it was announced that Queens of the Stone Age have a new album coming out, which is sick sick sick (see what I did there?) news!

While we wait for the new stuff, lets go in to the back catalogue and check out 10 essential QOTSA songs. 


Go With The Flow
Probably the perfect song to play someone that asks "What do QOTSA sound like?"  Slick, dangerous, fast. And the best video ever! 

No One Knows
Dave Grohl completely steals the show on this song. 

I Sat By The Ocean
I don't think a rock band gets "groove" as well as these dudes. 

Make It Wit Chu
For me, this is my favorite QOTSA song ever.  Baby making music no question! 

The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret
The song that started it all really.

Little Sister

In My Head
I think this song gets overlooked for whatever reason, but its a banger.

My God is the Sun
As someone that spent 12 years living in the desert, this song is what July sounds like. 

First It Giveth
A song that starts off sounding so dangerous, then hits this beautiful chorus. 

The Feel Good Hit of the Summer
There are albums that start off smooth, building its way to a high point. Then there are albums that kick down the door, steal your chick, drink your beer, and leave you with your jaw on the floor with that "what the hell just happened?" look.  Rated R, my all time favorite QOTSA album starts that way.  This song tells you everything you need to know about the band in 2:44.