Weezer at The Showbox was the experience of a lifetime

April 14, 2017

Photo by Mat Hayward


A few years ago I was lucky enough to attend the Foo Fighters show at the Showbox and thought it would be the last time I saw a band that usually packs out that Key Arena or the Gorge in a 1,100 capacity venue... glad I was wrong about that!

On Saturday April, 9, not only did I get to see Weezer melt faces at The Showbox for just 1,100 people, I got to introduce the band. My job is awesome.

Photo by Mat Hayward

They started with Hash Pipe.They.. started.. with... HASH PIPE!

And that was in fact a sign of hits to come.

Photo by Mat Hayward

There was only one song I didn't know and it fell in the melody of hits so it was over in about a minute.

At one point I looked down at my phone to send a snap, and when I looked up Rivers was wearing a crown and cape for "King Of The World."

I lol'd and was happy to see a they still like to have fun.