Super Geek League at Bumbershoot

September 4, 2012

Day 3 provided the most action packed fun filled shows of Bumbershoot that I saw.  The first show of the day turned out to be my favorite of the festival!  37 people made up the team that is Super Geek League to start the day at the Exhibition Hall .  Maybe team isn't the right word.  The vibe back stage watching everyone get ready was more like a feeling of family.  A strange family indeed with a weird Grandpa and all.  The show is the brainchild of Floyd  McFeely who has a seriously creative mind.  As a phot ographer I was of course blown away by the visual stimulation.  It wasn't just about the wild characters that went in and out of the show almost nonstop though.  The music was awesome!  A punk/funk sound that had me jumping up and down the entire time I was snapping photos. 

I will let the images speak for themselves but will say this....When Super Geek League performs in Seattle again you must go! 

-Mat Hayward