Super Geek League @ El Corazon 02.13.15!

February 18, 2015

At least once per year for the past 4 years I've had the privilege to photograph one of the most unique bands in the world Super Geek League. Every time I cover an SGL show it turns I find myself having more fun than any 10 other shows combined! I've written about them several times here in the Live Music Blog and I never feel like I'm able to truly convey exactly how awesome this group is. No words or photos will do them justice. As a photographer I find myself shooting until my shutter finger blisters and then some (2,000 frames this past Friday alone). Whether I am in front of the stage, in the back of the venue, backstage or outside on the sidewalk it doesn't matter. There is always something to shoot and it seems that each scene I come across is crazier than the next.

Super Geek League is staying busy. Last yea r as you may recall they had their own stage during the Sasquatch! Music Festival. They performed over 20 sets and entertained thousands of fans non stop throughout the 3 day weekend. Sadly, it doesn't look like the Super Geek League stage will be up at Sasquatch! again this year which in my opinion leaves a gap in an otherwise brilliant festival but fear not! SGL does not sit idly by and wait for what's next. They stay busy! I spoke with Floyd aka Commander Tomorrow the mastermind behind SGL and he informed me that they are working on quite a bit including possible appearance at SXSW, Warped Tour and there is even talk of a Vegas residency for Super Geek League.

Do not miss Super Geek League the next chance you get!

Mat Hayward
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The brillian makeup artist Shashonna Knecht has a way of making people say "WOW!"

Jonny Sonic started the night off right! These guys KILLED it!

Not all clowns are happy.

One of my favorite shots of the night!

Singer Vy Agra with hynotic sex appeal and strong vocals!

Pword on Bass is a machine!!

There are some things you just can't unsee. Nor should you. Imagine walking down the hall and coming across this scene. Never a dull moment!

First crowd surf ever for this crazy redhead!

So unsanitary, yet so rock and roll.

This is how the night ended. 2AM, confetti, pillow stuffing and happiness every where you look.